DevBlog: Base Building

TDN Base

Arrr, me hearties! I can’t say that out loud. That sounds horrible. Cursed german accent! Where were we? Ah, yes. Base building. Let’s get right to it! I have to say in advance that most of what you see here is not yet fully implemented, but everything will look and work …

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Core Gameplay: Resources


Welcome back, SargeRho here once again. Continuing our onslaught of dev blogs, we’re going to look at our current plans for the resource system. Because the two Human factions, and the Alien faction have slightly different resources, this dev blog will have three sections: Common resources, Human resources and Alien …

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Ground Combat, maybe?


Hello everyone, SargeRho here. I had planned to make the first dev blog about the basic gameplay, but I’ve ultimately decided to do ground combat first. As mentioned in our previous update: April Update: Humongous edition, we we may do ground combat eventually, in an effort to spice up the island …

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Raising the Flag(ship)


Hello everyone, Given the currently running indie of the year competition, we thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about one of the most important parts of the game: The Flagship As example we’ll use the CSN-71 ‘Elysia’ of the Tenorran Defense Navy. The Flagship is a nuclear powered …

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