Raising the Flag(ship)


Hello everyone, Given the currently running indie of the year competition, we thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about one of the most important parts of the game: The Flagship As example we’ll use the CSN-71 ‘Elysia’ of the Tenorran Defense Navy. The Flagship is a nuclear powered …

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November 26th Update


Welcome back aboard, Cap’ns!   Today’s update consists mostly new new TDN units, as well as some work-in-progress renders, and a little glimpse at things to come. So let’s get right to it, shall we? CG-122 “Wreathe” Class Cruiser The Wreathe carries siy 8″ cannons on 3 turrets, firing special anti-aircraft …

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September 21st Update


There be bad guys The Ravagers fill the role of the bad guys in Ardent Seas, but are they really bad? They have no consciousness, they just do as they are programmed: Seek and destroy foreign technology. Because of their alien nature, they’re going to differ in some fundamental ways …

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August 7th Update


Begone is the old water, the new one actually has waves! The water will require some work on the shader still, it’s not quite what we want yet. Aircraft work for the most part, hey fly, fire, and explode nicely. Can’t land yet though. Added several new ships, and gave …

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