Dev Blog: Schism MP map, talking about maps in general

Hey there!

Today I want to show you a map I’ve been working on, which has also appeared in our trailers. It’s called Schism, featuring 2 connected islands in the center, as well as an island near each player’s starting position, as well as having hydrocarbon deposits in each corner of the map.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Schism_Overview Schism_PlayerIslands

Players start in the southeast and northwest corners of the map, next to an island with Metal deposits and an adjacent mining rig. Note that, while the resource structures are already built in this preview, that’s not how it’s going to be in the game later on. The starting islands have low concentration metal deposits, whereas the central islands have high concentration deposits, and more of them too. As a result, most of the fighting will take place around these, since¬†whoever can get a hold of both islands will most likely win the game.

Schism_Corner Schism_CentralIslands

In the Northeast and Southwest corners, we have Hydrocarbon deposits, also with greater concentration than those near the players’ starting islands.

Capital Ships will not be available on this map, with production being capped at Medium ships. You will see similar limitations on other maps. Likewise, Super Weapons aren’t available here either, but otherwise, all research and all special powers are available. The central islands are also the only ones capable of supporting the Medium shipyard, the outer ones can only hold the small one.

The limited space on the islands also means that Large defense positions aren’t available, only lighter ones, a decision I took in part because capitals aren’t available, and getting through Large defenses without caps is…unpleasant.


That’s it for today, been a rather short dev blog, but I think I covered all important points regarding this map.
Rho, signing out.

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