Dev Blog: Superweapons


As Electric Six would put it, “Let’s start a war, start a nuclear war!”. Long time no posting, how are all me hearties? Today I want to discuss Superweapons in Ardent Seas, and how they’ll work. Specifically, the Coalition Navy and TDN superweapons, which are carried by the Project 41 …

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DevBlog: Base Building

TDN Base

Arrr, me hearties! I can’t say that out loud. That sounds horrible. Cursed german accent! Where were we? Ah, yes. Base building. Let’s get right to it! I have to say in advance that most of what you see here is not yet fully implemented, but everything will look and work …

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Kickstarter Campaign is live

KS Banner_Small

Hello and welcome, fellow captains! Today’s update is going to be a very short one: We’ve been working towards this for a few months now, and are finally ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign! We now need your help, to spread the word and to reach our funding goal. …

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