August 7th Update

Begone is the old water, the new one actually has waves!

The water will require some work on the shader still, it’s not quite what we want yet. Aircraft work for the most part, hey fly, fire, and explode nicely. Can’t land yet though. Added several new ships, and gave the Fast Attack Craft another makeover, textured the Resupply Vessel, and the TDN’s Airforce is almost complete, only missing an attack helicopter of sorts, to attack ground installations.
Now, for those new units I mentioned. First off, the Fast Battleship


The Fast Battleship is specialized for long range combat. Fast Battleships sacrifice armor in favor of greater speed and mobility. The greatly reduced reliance on chemical propellants also allows for a lighter citadel design, since the main guns don’t require propellant, allowing for smaller powder magazines. Its Mjolnir missiles are very powerful against large and capital ships, but are likely to miss smaller, more agile vessels like the Hydrofoil and the Fast Attack Craft.
Default Armament:
3 Quad 14″ Railgun Turrets
4 Twin 8″ Gun Turrets
6 “Lance” Anti-Ship Missile Launchers
2 Mjolnir Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile Launchers
1 24-Cell Vertical “Naginata” Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Launcher
4 SeaRAM Anti-Missile Turrets
Strong Against: Medium Vessels, Large Vessels, Capital Ships
Weak Against: Submarines, Aircraft, Small Vessels

Next up, the Hydrofoil


The Hydrofoil’s primary purpose is that of a scout, as well as Air Defense. It has very little armor, but is very fast since it’s propelled by 4 turbojets in 2 swiveling pods in the back of the craft.

Default Armament:
1 RAM Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher
1 6-cell Multi-Purpose Vertical Launch System
Strong Against: Aircraft
Weak Against: Small Vessels, Medium Vessels, Submarines

And lastly, the Supersonic Missile Frigate


Long Range anti-ship artillery. The Supersonic missiles the Frigate fires have very poor tracking, as such they are not very useful against small ships, as they are likely to miss. They’re best used against Medium, Large and Capital ships. Very weak armor, but it’s one of the fastest TDN units. Has a Helipad that can support a single Helicopter or VTOL.
Default Armament:
2 “Naginata” Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Launchers
1 127mm Railgun Turret
1 SeaRAM Anti-Missile Turret
Strong Against: Medium Vessels, Large Vessels, Capital Ships
Weak Against: Aircraft, Small Vessels, Submarines

Furthermore, from Left to Right, we have the Strike Fighter, Tactical Bomber and Air Superiority Fighter:

That’s it for the units, but not for the update.
I have added several new effects, mostly weapon effects, but also others, like ship trails, jet exhausts and wingtip vortexes, some of these effects can already be seen above, the remainder are in the next load of screenshots:

07_08_2015_3 07_08_2015_4

07_08_2015_2 07_08_2015_8 07_08_2015_1

And that’s pretty much it for now. Follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates:

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